Middle school. ‘NUF SAID

He looked up with big 2-year-old eyes wanting to have an adventure…but scared how it might end. So I ducked my head down and scrunched my knees up so we could ride the giant tube slide together. From that day on, he jumped into every tube slide and popped up at the end with a laugh.

Now my kid is 11 and becoming a middle schooler. MID.DLE.SCHOOL. Wasn’t he just yesterday memorizing the characters from the Cars movie? And telling me this situation was “just like my favorite word … o-c-q-u-a-r-d.” Continue reading

Peace when life is so un-peaceful

the-creative-exchange-336778-unsplashPastor Jim made a call to the bullpen for Wednesday night, so Pastors Justin and Anthony stepped up to the stage. They did a fantastic job presenting how God is Jehovah Shalom, the Lord our Peace. It was a message my heart needed to hear in a time when the world around me so often feels the opposite of peaceful. Here’s the Jehovah Shalom devotional. I pray that going through it is an opportunity to discuss the places your family can trust in His peace, the only peace that passes all understanding.

Names of God devotional for families, Part 3 Jehovah Nissi

rob-bye-103197-unsplashPastor Jim opened my eyes with fresh context to a story I’ve heard many times. How can a slave nation of Israelites (who hasn’t fought a battle in 400 years) overcome an attack from a seasoned army? They lift their eyes to God, Jehovah Nissi.

I have days when it feels as if my problems loom on the horizon as overwhelming as an army. And in those moments, I need to remember who God is. He is Jehovah Nissi.  Continue reading

Way better than the squeaky flap of a vending machine


Last week was part 1 of a family devotional series on the names of God. In case you’re like me—who sometimes doesn’t click the link and just scans—this study isn’t about memorizing the names of God. It’s about understanding the nature of God. SO open the link to start a discussion with your family about who God is as Jehovah-Jireh, our provider with the  kids page. AND listen to Pastor Jim’s sermon!


Peace in Unexpected Places

I love the delicate crinkle I hear when I turn a page in my Bible. With each turn I feel like I’m pulling back a little of the curtain and seeing more of who God is, and I’m humbled and inspired and enthralled and so many more “-ed” words that I don’t have space for. 

In the pages of my Bible, I’ve discovered that God is our comforter. God is our hope. God is our redeemer.

These knock-your-socks-off statements about God are absolutely true, but I’ve also realized there are some not-so-shoutable-from-the-rooftop phrases that follow them. Continue reading