Discipline and the lack thereof

I’m about to rock your world with a crazy, never-before-heard-truth: writing requires discipline. Let’s pause to allow everyone to compose themselves. Okay, now we’ll proceed.Discipline is something…(How shall I say this nicely?)

“I don’t excel at.”

“I have difficulty finding time to do.”

“I lack confidence that ability is in my wheelhouse.”

“I don’t test strong in that gifting area.”

Or I can just say it how it is—I stink. (As my husband skims this sentence, he will be scared to death I just shared with the world my tendency to skip showering, which in all honesty, is the case. With three kids and a house to clean and a Target to shop at and coffee to savor, I’ll admit, I can let too many days lapse between showers. I’m really lucky my husband pretends I only smell like sweet flowers, my body and all-ahem-odors coming forthwith.)

Anyway, back from the tangent (I get around my lack of showers by using “math-y” words like “tangent” to my husband) and back to the real subjects at hand: spiritual discipline, life discipline, and writing.

I’ve specifically wanted to write about spiritual freedom for 4 years. And I haven’t been writing about it for 3 years and 49 weeks—using my time and energy to instead watch TV shows I don’t remember, check Facebook posts I don’t remember, and eat ice cream only my thighs remember.

That could be discouraging, but I’m choosing to allow my spirit to soar and my face to smile because in this moment, I’m doing it.

The enemy would want me to hear that 4-year statistic (another math-y word for my husband) and say, “I haven’t done it for so long and therefore can’t do it now” and stick a donut in my hand to distract me from the amazing, life-changing, climb-the-mountain-and-throw-your-arms-up-in-victory kind of stuff God wants me to do.

The truth is that God hasn’t given up on his purpose for me, and He asks me to follow His lead.



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