Hiatus or hiding?

After a hiatus of several months from writing—the word hiatus sounds so pleasant, it gives a perception of
leisurely vacationing on a remote island instead of what I actually was doing—trying to pull the covers over
my head to hide from life.

So I’ve picked up pen and paper again (figuratively). Actually I’ve sat up straight, taken a deep breath, and put fingertips back on the computer keys in a qwerty position—my high school typing teacher would be so happy.

It’s not that my fingers haven’t been touching my keyboard at all. I’ve just been reclined, half-asleep, typing in words such as “chocolate dessert recipes”, “how to wear a scarf”, “why mules can’t reproduce” (we have new mule neighbors in the farm next door and were curious). No qwerty positions—just groggy, computer screen light burning my eyeballs, searching-for-something-entertaining type of position.

So….yeah….spiritual discipline…..that pesky little detail. And….writing…..cool….words that go together in ways
that remind me of the real stuff of life.

I want to write words that lift my spirit out of the bog of this fallen world and reveal to me glimpses of the God
who created beauty and laughter and peace.

But unfortunately I’m not as good as I would be if I’d been writing each night. (In fact, I’m just gonna leave
that conjunction as a start to the previous sentence.) BUT once again I’m not going to stop trying just
because I’ve failed.

Tomorrow I’m going to find time to write again. I’ll meet you here, sometime somewhere between
kindergarten drop off and nap time (unfortunately not mine). Sometime between convincing my
8-year-old-carb-sugar-salt-loving son to eat something grown from the ground instead of manufactured
in a factory (I’ve seen the documentaries) and convincing my daughter she has to wear underwear even if
it’s “UNCOMFCHABLE!,” I’ll be back to my qwerty position again. See you there!



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