Avoiding eye contact with the clutter

Today is my one day of the week that two of my three kids leave the house at the same time for more than two hours of the day. (Whoa, that was a lot of prepositional phrases for one sentence and only two sips of coffee.)

Ten minutes ago the house was a whispered flurry of papers and backpacks and lunch. Our baby was, and is still, thankfully, asleep. After hair-brushing and hugs, they descended down the garage stairs with Daddy, and I took a drink of my coffee and wondered what I should do. I walked past the pile of shoes to be dispersed to everyone’s rooms, ignored the memory of dumping my daughter’s backpack contents onto her floor last night so she could take it this morning, and came to my computer.

I came to the place of surrender to what I feel God telling me to do, the place where I feel inadequate but inspired to try, the place where vulnerability and failure outcomes dance in my head.

Sometimes the places God brings us to don’t make sense in our momentary understanding..but I have to remind myself that the God who created the sun, moon, and stars can be trusted to see beyond what I see.

The monitor just exploded with a baby’s waking cry. I’m off to Cheerios and teacups and wet kisses at the end of toddling arms.

Talk to you soon!



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