Seeing past the whirlwind

You all (yes, that is the unsatisfying northern version of y’all), it is time to celebrate.

Join me wherever you are by drinking some coffee or quoting a Gilmore Girl episode or eating a piece of chocolate (or a kale chip if you’re one of those amazing people who don’t eat sugar…I know you’re out there and I hope to join you someday.)

Today I got paid for writing something that wasn’t marketing-related. (I know I’ve been absent from the blog for a while, but I’ve had a writing opportunity that I’ll share more about later.)

I took a picture so you can see me as a poised, cool, and collected writer-of-non-marketing writing. Or not.

photo (4)

And as excited I was in that moment, I’m actually celebrating a less quantitative milestone–one that’s easier to miss. Instead of dragging myself to my computer and Bible, I now just casually sit down each day. No big deal. It’s a habit.

Why does writing feel so good? For me, it’s something that brings my eyes out of my whirlwind and helps me see the big picture.

Do you ever feel surrounded by swirling winds filled with—stuff? For me it’s stuff I have to clean, stuff I have to do, stuff I want, stuff I need to get rid of…s-t-u-f-f, aka j-u-n-k. 

When I allow my eyes to stop focusing on the stuff, I can look beyond the whirlwind and see the beauty and peace of God’s presence. There are times it seems like the whirlwind slows down and I can see bigger glimpses and feel brief moments of warmth and light breaking in. There are other times when the roaring wind stops, the stuff drops around my feet, and I am at peace. I’m in God’s presence, and there is no amount of stuff that compares.

It feels the same as being on the most beautiful beach–where you feel the sun on your face and see the ocean—a thing too mighty  to truly comprehend, a thing of which we have no control, that doesn’t need us, but that invites us to experience a small part of it.

Each day I need to see beyond my messy life to the face of God. I need to see that the stuff that looms large in my eyes is a grain of sand compared to Him. I need to feel His warmth on my face and knowHe’s mightier than my whirlwind.

What does that look like for you? For me, it’s writing. It’s getting outside. For you, it might be something else. What lifts your eyes out of your situation and into God’s presence?

And hey, if you have a habit or something you’ve accomplished, share it. I’d love to celebrate with you. (I’ll even lift a kale chip in your honor if you want me to.)


5 thoughts on “Seeing past the whirlwind

  1. “I’m afraid that once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in moron,” with coffee in tow, I might add! Lots and lots and lots of coffee!!


  2. I just discovered your wonderful writings via SheReadsTruth, which then led me to your blog. Your real time honesty and humor is so great and encouraging, and just what I needed today. Thank you so much. Look forward to reading more of your “stuff”, Jill 🙂


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