“Mom, should I go to camp?”

IMG_3226A few weeks ago my daughter turned to me while we unloaded the dishwasher. “Mom, do you think I should go to camp?” I hesitated for one second as irrational mom fears bubbled up to the surface–dry drowning, third degree sunburns, killer chiggers. I’ve never actually read about killer chiggers, but I can still imagine they exist.

The sweet eyes of my baby girl still waited for me to answer. Suddenly my own camp memories spoke louder than any fears–canoeing on the lake, shaving cream fights, gigantic slip-and-slides. I remembered the services and soaking in God’s presence at the altar. It was at kids’ camp I was filled with the Spirit and where I took the step out of my parents’ desire for my relationship with Jesus and knew I wanted it for myself. I placed my hand on her shoulder, “You should definitely go to camp.”

This morning I stood on a patch of sidewalk waving while the bus pulled out from the church canopy. For the next four days I’m praying for all our kids to hear from God, to have fun … and to be protected from killer chiggers. 


Jill ~Here I am moments before I stood in the camp mom circle and realized I was the only one who didn’t send mail for her kid to open each day. #bestmomever #blameitonthechiggers

What are you favorite (or least favorite) memories of camp? And if your mom didn’t send you mail, please let me know if you survived.


2 thoughts on ““Mom, should I go to camp?”

  1. My mom didn’t send me mail abut she did clean my room while I was away so that was pretty awesome. The memory that sticks out the most in my mind regarding camp was realizing I loved my twin brother. We were always fighting with one another at home and I don’t think we liked each other very much. We both went to camp but he was on one side of the lake with the boys and I was on the other with the girls. Being separated didn’t seem like a big deal but as our time neared the end I remember being reunited with him. When we got within arms reach we hugged and both of us felt a huge relief.


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