Comfortable sure is easy and faith usually isn’t


My life from the outside is comfortable.

I have food to serve my kids each day. I have a really great husband who makes me laugh and sends me to Starbucks for time to myself–two of my main love languages.

But here’s what I’ve learned as my forehead wrinkles deepen and store clerks increasingly call me “ma’am:” I need deep faith muscles to keep my heart
anchored in truth, especially when my life feels comfortable.

So I’m taking a step of faith. It’s a big one for me for many reasons. I’ll be away from my family for 10 days. It’s expensive. It’s something I’ve never done at a
place I’ve never been.


The idea of going to Israel burst open in my heart when I did marketing writing for a department who plans holy land experiences. My research included sitting in a crowded conference room with a group of people who had recently returned. When they began talking about their trip, their eyes lit up and every single person said their trip transformed their spirits and the way they read the Bible.

But there’s something else I’ve learned since gray hairs have begun taunting me from the line of my part. For every step of faith God opens to pull me deeper into His presence, the enemy has a whisper of doubt to keep me paralyzed, lazy, and unsatisfied. Most times, the doubt focuses my eyes on what I’m not. And the truth is, I’m not a lot of things regarding a trip to the holy land.

I’m not a theology professor.

I’m not a student to a theology professor.

I’m not a cultural ideology guru.

I’m not an author whose voice can illuminate truth for thousands of people. 

To top it all off, I’m not even good at geography.

When I felt overwhelmed by that list, God’s gentle hand lifted my chin to focus my eyes on Him and who He says I am.

I am a woman living in the tension to go deeper in God’s truth rather than living slightly unsatisfied in the shallow distractions.

I am a mom teaching my kids to see God at the core of everything in life.

I am a Sunday preschool coordinator working to show kids the Bible is a living, breathing message of God’s voice.


I am going to Israel. I’m taking the step God opened to me.

Is there an opportunity God is opening your eyes to? Does it seem uncomfortable?
I’ll stand with you, focused on God, and we won’t let the whispers of doubt not stand a chance against who we are in Him.



6 thoughts on “Comfortable sure is easy and faith usually isn’t

  1. Jill,
    Have a wonderful trip and take it all in!! I will be expecting a full account of Israel and all that the Lord has shown you. Prayers will be going up for you, and of course for Carter and the children.

    Blessings and Love from 1 of your many cousins!!


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