A land of coffee and Jesus

My tour of the holy land is less than half over, and already my mind feels full to the brim with new experiences and truths to process. I’m going to have to up my coffee game…or maybe I’m just always looking for an excuse to up my coffee game. I know how deeply enjoyable and fulfilling it is to look at someone else’s travel pictures (ahem), so I’ll limit it to just the few that illustrate my favorite experiences of my journey through my version of the land of milk and honey: the land of Jesus and coffee.

This was from the top of Mt Arbel, where you look down and see the Sea of Galilee stretching from one edge of the horizon to the other. At the peak we got caught with a sudden shower of pelting rain and wind–a bonus biblical experience to remind us of Jesus calming the storm that developed so quickly.

And here’s Turkish coffee, where there’s an inch of the darkest sludge of grounds in the bottom. The top 3/4 was dark and delicious.

I’ll keep you updated on my experiences.


Jill the International Traveler (that’s what I’m going to put on my non-existent name plate at my non-existent workplace)


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